Drako's First Day in Southern Florida

Drako's First Day in Southern Florida

We went through a heck of a storm yesterday - literally.  Drako spent over 8 hours on a plane with diversions because of weather in Florida.  However, we met some amazing people in our travels.  There was one in particular that stood out to me.

I had just written about angels on assignment the day before as my mother & I were on the phone preparing details for me to fly in and pick up my dog.

I remembered many on my pathway and although the ones that stand out to me most are the ones who I felt like I was meant to help in a time of need.  I ask myself today have I paid attention to the ones God has sent me?

This man had a healing touch about him.  I witnessed it in wonder as he laid a hand on Drako's behind and the dog's shaking ceased immediately.  He went from trembling to taking a nap.  And the guy didn't even raise an eyebrow away from whatever he was reading.

After 3 hours in flight, a failed landing attempt, a diversion to Tampa, another 2 hours sitting on a closed off plane - an hour to roam while they re-fueled and then an hour back to Fort Lauderdale, the "What he was reading" hit me in between the eyes.  That man with the healing touch seated across the isle from us was reading the bible on his phone.

It's as if God is sending me angel after angel - back to back, asking me to open my eyes and see what he's calling me to do.

I hope to start the doggy devotional messages tonight.  I need funds to pay for this site, the marketing and promotional campaigns & yet that's the least of my real worries.  I need God to lead.  To take me off of the throne of my own heart and mind to allow him to use me in all things he's prepared me to do.

Today, I'm grateful for that man with the healing hands - the angel on assignment and for Drako for returning to our home, (another angel on assignment).

The scripture on my heart right now...

Love is Immortal... God is Love...

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