Dedicated to the Pit Got sent to walk with me through many pits...

Drako Flames - Prayer & Meditation Candles

Meditation & Prayer candles are printed with Poems & The Words of God... Focusing on HIS WORD has brought me many miracles, peace in many storms & a sense of love I've never known from this world. May these candle messages bless you, cover you & encourage you.


Would you love me even if....

It's the question I asked of others repeatedly throughout my life. Perhaps I was seeking for a truth that I'd one day find while sifting through the ashes of tragedy unthinkable. One after the next, like a revolving door as all things reached their expiration date.

But when you find truth, what will you do with it?

I'd like to believe there is purpose in our pain & everything has happened for a reason beyond what we can yet understand.

In a season of magic, miracles & the masterpiece of God's paintbrush weaving wisdom into happenings that defied logic, I spent a very special birthday in a hospital room. It was special because that's where I received 3 beautiful gifts; a purple bible, a purple stone & a promise that spoke to my heart in a place where I have forever carried my deepest pain.... & deepest desire.

I moved to Southern California on a leap of faith, believing in that promise. But sometimes love comes to us with its eyes rather than it's heart. I don't want that kind of love ever again.

So God moved me now to South Florida where I'm again walking the beaches with a beautiful pit who seems to be illustrating what God's love feels like. He's there on my bad days and good days too. He doesn't care if I'm looking beautiful or beat down. He just loves me... Ironic GOD backwards is DOG.. don't ya think?

Sometimes God paints rainbows with our pain. But without a storm and a sea, how else would he teach us that when we keep our eyes on Christ, we too can walk on water?

Walk with me if you wish..

And as far as my question... "Would you love me even if.." God's answer is ALWAYS Yes.

Love, J. Skyla



I'm excited to share the techniques as God gifts me the messages & means to hold these sessions. Please check back for dates & specifics... - Love, Skyla